How to get financial Aid on Coursera

Coursera is an organization which provide online certificates based education. There are more than 7000 courses available. There is huge list of courses. so every one want to know about Coursera. how to get free courses from Coursera.

The courses are available online. These courses are not from individuals. Instead these courses are from world renowned universities and different organizations. These courses can help a lot in learning. It also help to improve the CV a lot.

There is list of some most famous institutes in the world which offer free courses. let look at the list.

  2. Duke
  3. Google
  4. IBM
  5. Imperial College
  6. Stanford

This is list of only few institutes. if we go through different branches of knowledge. There is lots of courses available related to every subject. Some courses are free and some are paid. How to learn these paid courses with low finance. 

How to apply for Financial Aid on Coursera and what to write?

Many students asked question which i have mentioned above.

1) Go to the course and click on financial aid available on Coursera

2) Tick the 2 boxes and write that you are agree with terms given above

3) Write your income as 0 on Coursera website and tell the you are a student

Now, let move towards question sessions;

1) Why you need financial aid to complete your course?


I’m a student with a keen interest in learning and research niche. I always try to learn new stuff and information being delivered by respected people of different zones. I belong to a poor family and live hand to mouth but this never let me stop chasing my passions towards better studies and life. My father is a daily wager and earns a maximum of $200 per month. I’m unemployed. I am struggling to get a job. My father’s income is very less and it’s very difficult for me to pay for the course as he is already bearing the educational expenses of five of us. I’m passionate about learning new courses. I find a way toward making my life better in the educational niche. Coursera is the best educational website, I have ever come across by my research and experience. As i belong to poor family, I can’t afford to pay for the course.

2) How will this course help you?


I’m a student with a keen interest in this domain and its research. I love studying. I want to learn this course. This course will definitely clarify my concepts. It will provide me the opportunity to learn a lot about X. I have studied X in high school and want to polish my skills in this subject. This particular course will help me to strengthen my interest in X as well as learn the basics of X. It can be a laying stone or foundation towards my road to success as a researcher and scientist in chemistry. This will boost up my job prospects and help me to give a better performance and outshine in the crowd and mark my name. The course will help me to learn and progress in my career through my hard work and passion. Adding it to my resume will help me a lot in getting scholarships.

3) Can you return this amount in episodes, If not why?

I belong to a poor family and live hard to mouth. But, I don’t want this fact to be an obstacle on my road to success. My father is a daily wager and hardly earns the basic amount to fund living and education. I’m a student and unemployed at this time. So, can’t afford to pay the course fee.



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