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First, let you know that this is the most important topic to download FPSC and PPSC Past papers.  In this tutorial, we will guide you to completely learn about the most repeated past paper Mcqs.

How to Prepare Exams from FPSC and PPSC Past papers?

we will focus on those candidates who are preparing 100 marks single paper for FPSC and PPSC. What tips must be followed to get good marks?  what types of mistakes should be avoided to make solid marks. The candidate should know about the books which must be read them. What types of material should be used for the study?

How to prepare these papers in 2-3 months only? It is all about focusing an intention on one paper MCQs of 100 marks.

  1. How to prepare GK 100 marks paper for FPSC and all other provincial recruitments?
  2. What types of material should be chosen for study?
  3. What should be followed and avoided in exam?

How to Prepare GK 100 marks

The first thing is whenever we try to prepare for an exam, we should know about its syllabus. if we talk about GK 100 marks paper, in FPSC, PPSC, and all other exams for general recruitment.  First, prepare all these areas separately.

01 Pakistan Affairs History, Events, Eras
02 Islamiyat Islamic History, Life, Wives, Namaz, etc.
03 English Preposition, Grammar, etc
04 EDS Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc
05 GK Bays, River, Capitals, Currencies
06 Math %, Ratio, Reasonings, etc

As we can see that Mcqs come from History, Events, Eras, etc. Similarly Mcqs from Islamiyat, General Science, GK, and Math. The GK is mostly from Capital, currencies, Lands, Continents, Oceans, Rivers Base, national and international geography, etc. EDS is everyday science which mostly consists of Bio, Physics, and Chemistry. The examiner sometimes asks about basic concepts from these subjects of EDS.

Some students make major mistakes. they prepare for the exam using MCQs. it is always recommended not to prepare Mcqs for such type of paper. you have to prepare the paper by learning related subjects. you have to clear your concepts. if we are learning history, we have to read it step by step. if the examiner asked questions from this, you can answer correctly. 

If we look at the history of Pakistan, it might take start from the day when Arab reach to sub-continent. It is a history of almost years. when you study every king’s life and the culture in their governance, you can prepare Mcqs automatically. 

So we have prepared a file from all previous exams of FPSC, PPSC, and other provincial public service commission exams. This file is based on Mcqs. you should prepare all these MCQs. These are almost 1000 Mcqs. It is a sure shot that you can get more than 80% marks by preparing these Mcqs and their related subjective data. 

FPSC and PPSC Past Papers PDF Download


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