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First of All Congratulations to the candidates who got successful in the written Mcqs-based test of the Federal public service commission. The candidates can prepare written descriptive FPSC AD IB Paper from IB Past Papers. 


Download FPSC AD IB, Past Paper


Prepare Assistant director Intelligence Bureau Test From IB Past Papers

The rule state that, 

“For BPS-16 and BPS-17 level posts, after the screening test, if deemed necessary to further differentiate the competitors, an additional filter against a certain benchmark may be applied in the shape of descriptive test comprising written test paper as may be prescribed by the commission on case to case basis.”

The written descriptive test is mostly taken for Assistant director Intelligence Bureau and Federal Investigation Agency. The written descriptive test is to filter the candidates for further process. 

First look at the descriptive test paper given below.

FPSC past paper for written descriptive test

The written descriptive FPSC AD IB Paper consists of six questions.

Let’s discuss each question one by one.

Question No -1:  The first question is on essay writing. There are 4 essay topics given in the paper. The candidates have to attempt one of the essays on this topic. The candidate has to an essay of almost 600-700 words on any topic given in the paper. Below is the procedure for how to write an essay in the paper.

How to write an essay in FPSC AD IB Paper

To create an effective essay of 700 words, it is important to plan the structure of your essay in advance. Start by writing a clear thesis statement that answers the prompt and outlines your key points. Then, organize your thoughts into an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

In the introduction, introduce the topic and establish why it is important. Highlight any relevant background information or research to provide further context. Then, end the introduction with a thesis statement that clearly states your essay’s main point and summarizes its argument.

The body paragraphs should present evidence in support of your essay’s thesis statement. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence, followed by facts and examples. Connect each argument to your essay’s main point, and explain why it is important. Ensure that all evidence presented is objective and relevant.

Lastly, the conclusion should provide a brief summary of the essay’s main points.

QuestionNo-2: A passage is given in the paper, The candidate has to read that passage. There are questions given at the end of the passage. The candidate has to answer these questions. It is necessary to read this passage carefully 2-3 times. The question is mostly from the passage or about the data given in the passage. This portion has 20 marks. It is very useful for candidates if a candidate got successful in understanding the theme of the passage. usually, 4 questions are given. each question carries equal marks. The candidate must attempt this part carefully.

QuestionNo-3: The next question is about to write precise of the given paragraph. The question carries 20 marks. The candidate must read the paragraph carefully 3-4 times. After reading choose a suitable title for the data given in the paragraph. 

After writing the Title for the paragraph, the candidate has to write the summary of the original paragraph. The paragraph must be written 1/3 times the original paragraph. It must be kept in mind that do not miss any important point from the original paragraph.  

QuestionNo-4 & 5: These questions are basically about converting given sentences into direct and indirect speech. Both questions carry equal marks. Usually, 5 sentences are given. All sentences carry equal marks. The candidate must prepare the correct use of grammar and sentence structuring. It will help a lot in the conversion of direct and indirect speech. Each question is of 10 marks.

QuestionNo-6: In this question, there are 5 words that are somehow difficult to understand. The candidate has to answer and write the meanings of these words. After writing the meaning of the word, he has also to use that word in a useful sentence. each word carries equal marks. Question no 6 is of a total of 10 marks. 




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