Latest Jobs Announcement in Supreme Court of Pakistan

The Supreme court of Pakistan has announced latest vacancies. These vacancies have been advertised and available on the Official site.  The aspirants may apply online via given portal link.

How to apply for Supreme Court Job ?

Applications are invited from the suitable candidates. The vacant post will be filled via Open testing service, a private testing agency. 

Appointment shall be made on purely merit and quota based system. candidates possessing the requisite qualification, age , experience and domicile of the respective province are eligible to apply. 

The details of vacant post are given in the advertisement. The terms and conditions for each post are given. The people who want to join supreme court must read complete advertisement. 

The Supreme Court of Pakistan is the highest judicial institute in the country. The Supreme Court  was established under the Constitution of Pakistan in 1956. It is located in the capital city Islamabad. The primary function of the Supreme Court is make the final judment on any case or petition. It uphold the Constitution of Pakistan. It act as the final appellate court for any type of case in the country.

The Structure of the SC: The Supreme Court consists of a Chief Justice and other judges. The President of Pakistan determined the total number of Judges who will serve in the SC. The total strength of the Supreme Court is usually fixed at 17 judges, including the Chief Justice.

Appointment procedure in SC: The judges of the Supreme Court are appointed by the President of Pakistan. It is important to make consultation with the Chief Justice for technical reasons. The appointments are made from among the most qualified and experienced judges. These Judges are from  provincial high courts and the Supreme Court.

Jurisdiction matter:  The Supreme Court has both original and appellate jurisdiction. It has the power to hear cases of original jurisdiction, which means cases that are filed directly with the Supreme Court without going through lower courts. It also acts as the final appellate court and hears appeals from the decisions of the high courts and other tribunals.

Constitutional discussion:  One of the significant functions of the Supreme Court is to interpret the Constitution of Pakistan. The SC has the power of judicial review. It can declare any law. It can also executive action inconsistent with the Constitution as void.

suo moto  on Public Interest Issue: The Supreme Court of Pakistan has been known to take suo moto actions in matters of public interest. Suo moto refers to the court’s ability to initiate legal proceedings on its own. The court take action without a formal complaint being filed. This allows the court to address pressing issues. The Sc is responsible to protect fundamental rights.

Judicial Activism: Now a days, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has gained attention for its judicial activism. The SC has now special intention on the cases of corruption, human rights, governance, and other societal issues. This leading to significant judgments. It also interventions in the political landscape of the country.

Law and Order: The Supreme Court also plays a crucial role in law and order situation in Pakistan. It has the power to review decisions related to fundamental rights, issue guidelines. The SC provide directions to law enforcement agencies for ensuring the protection of citizens’ rights.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan is an essential institution in the country’s democratic system. its decisions hold significant legal and constitutional authority. It serves as a check and balance on the executive and legislative branches of government. It plays a vital role in upholding the rule of law in Pakistan.


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