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It is a very informative discussion for Junior Engineer Aspirants. You can download the LESCO Past Paper from highlighted option given below.

Prepare Junior Engineer Test from LESCO Past Paper

If you are preparing for the LESCO (Lahore Electric Supply Company) Junior Engineer test, here are some steps that you can follow to get better marks on the paper.

About exam pattern:

The first step is to familiarize yourself with the exam pattern, which typically includes multiple-choice questions related to subjects such as electrical engineering, mathematics, and general knowledge. You can obtain this information by visiting the official LESCO website or contacting the authorities.

 How do start preparing LESCO Test?

Once you know the exam pattern, Schedule a study plan which includes a daily routine of reading and practicing different topics related to the exam. Divide your time between different sections according to your strength and weakness.

Collect study material:

Gather relevant study materials such as textbooks, LESCO Past Paper, and online resources to enhance your preparation.

Practice Model Papers:

Take online mock tests to understand the exam pattern, and time management, and to get an idea of the type of questions asked in the exam.

Revise your basics:

Brush up on your basics by focusing on the fundamental concepts of electrical engineering, mathematics, and general knowledge.

Focus on problem-solving:

A significant part of the LESCO Junior Engineer exam is problem-solving. Make sure to practice solving numerical problems and work on your problem-solving skills.

Keep yourself updated:

Stay up to date with new guidelines provided by the LESCO testing agency and the latest developments in the field of electrical engineering.

Stay calm and confident:

Finally, stay calm and confident on the day of the exam. Be well-rested, focused, and confident in your abilities.

By following these steps, you can prepare effectively for the LESCO Junior Engineer test and increase your chances of success.

Download Now:

LESCO Past Paper Pdf Download

Lesco is following policy to recruit Junior engineers and Revenue Officers. Their policy is more similar to PEPCO.

Test: 40%

Academics: 40%

Matric: 02%

F.sc: 10%

CGPA: 28%

Interview Weightage: 20%

The LESCO will shortlist five candidates for each post. The proposed syllabus for the post of junior engineer Lesco is given.

There will be a single paper consisting of 100 Mcqs questions having a total of 100 Marks. There will be no negative marking.

Technical part: 83%

General Knowledge: 17%

For test preparation read this topic carefully to get a full guide about the test preparation material. 

Preparation Data for LESCO Junior Engineer Test






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