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It is common problem for every candidate that how to prepare computer Mcqs for Exam? but there is solution to prepare the computer related Mcqs. Computer Mcqs can be divided into different categories, But question arises in mind why to divide these Mcqs into different sections.

It is because it will help the student/candidate to learn the different domains of single subject in easy way. we have prepared the computer syllabus into different sections . you must go through each section to prepare your self for upcoming exam.

Introduction on Computer Mcqs for Exam Preparation 

Introduction to Computers: This is the course for beginner. it is most important part of any computer exam. The examiner always ask some question from the basic of computer. in this part, you have to learn about the basic hardware and software of computer machine. if we go in depth it can still divided into different parts.

 The computer system is basically the description about its hardware. To get good marks in exam, the candidate must go through the computer hardware. In this article, we will try to cover the basics of computer. Before going into detail discussion first we can must learn about the definition of computer system.

what is computer? A computer system compromise of integrated devices like input, output, its processing, and store information and Data. Computer literally means to calculate. Modern computers can a lot more than calculate. Computer is an electronic device that receives input, store or process the input as per user instructions and provide out in desired format. 

Computer input is called Data. This Data is processed by the computer. how this processing is done. This processing is done as per instructions given by the users. Let take a small example. For example we want to add two numbers, Say 2 plus 3, So what we will input, we will input two number that is 2 and 3.And we will use arithmetic operation that is addition. What is the process done by computer, Addition 2+3 = 5. The computer will show the output as 5.

Process that can be applied to data are of two types:

  • Arithmetic operations 
  • Logical Operations 

We have done example of arithmetic operation in the above paragraph. in this computer can perform, addition, subtraction and multiplication. 

Question arises in mind that what are logical operation. Let say we give two numbers to computer, as ask it to tell us which one is greater. The computer process and give the answer about greater number. This process is called logical operation. Let say if we consider only 2 and 3, The computer will definitely give the answer 3. 

Before going into more detail let consider the following file. These are most important Mcqs for exam preparation. Download the file from the below download button.



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