Excise and Taxation Job, Test and Interview Preparation Material Pdf

The Excise and Taxation Department is a revenue-collecting-based organization. It works to collect revenue according to the mentioned procedure and law. Excise and Taxation Inspector is sub administrative position. It is a Bps-16 scale job. The job may be on contract bases and sometimes on common grounds.

It is a permanent job with a proper promotion structure. If the candidate is hired on contract bases, it is a contract for three years after which the candidate is regularized.

The candidate should know the job description of the Excise and Taxation inspector. The department is responsible for the collection of provincial taxes and transport taxes. The Excise and Taxation department also has its police department which helps to rule the country for tax collection from the public.

Education and Paper Requirement for Excise and Taxation Inspector Job

The education requirement for this job is simply graduation. Its written test is one MCQ-based paper. The Mcqs are from various fields. The main parts of MCQs are Current Affairs, Islamiat, Pak study, English, Geography, General science, Urdu, computer science, and domain related.

The paper is of a total of 100 marks. The time for the paper is 90 minutes. The English section is mostly from grammar, synonyms, antonyms, idioms, and sentence structure.

The general science portion is from biology, chemistry, and physics. It is better to study class 10 general science to cover this section.

The history is the difficult part. it is necessary to study Pak Indo history. From 1947 to the current year, all the historical events are also included in this part. In history, there are some MCQs on an international level, Try to cover them also.

Current Affairs, Math, and computer science are minor parts. if the candidate has knowledge on a basic level, he can easily attempt these MCQs.

The Urdu section is a major part, It is better to study the Urdu grammar at secondary and higher secondary level.

The aspirants can achieve good marks in this paper by following the above instructions. It is also very important how a candidate attempts a paper. it is common sense that always attempt that part which is most easy for candidates. 

Mathematics is a simple calculation base subject, so if anyone attempts it first, it will help him to achieve good marks. English is a subject that needs practice. it is better to make more and more practice English mock papers related to grammar and sentence structure.

Islmiat is also an easy part and if candidates have some basic knowledge they can attempt it easily. The toughest part is General knowledge and Current affairs. So it is better to make good preparation GK. General science is not a difficult task, it is better to prepare general science for classes 9th and 10th. 

After the written test, successful candidates are called for an interview. The final recommendation is made on merit through the public service commission after the screening of qualified candidates. 

At the end of this article, the last 5 years papers are given in PDF format. you can download the Excise and Taxation Inspector paper from the link given below.


5 Years Past Papers for Excise and Taxation Department 





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