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This is most important book for FPSC and PPSC GK Mcqs preparation. The book is compiled after a long effort. All the Mcqs in the book are mostly from past papers. These papers were taken in the past through FPSC and PPSC.

What is included in the Most Important Book For FPSC And PPSC GK Mcqs?

This book is mostly for FPSC and PPSC lovers. The candidates who are willing to join government department always look forward to pass the FPSC and PPSC exam.

FPSC stand for federal public service commission. The paper is held for grade 16 & 17 scale post. It is Mcqs based test. The consist of 100 Mcqs and there are total are 100 marks. The 100 marks exams are divided into two categories. One is general and other is special.

Special exam consist of information related to subject. Let say FPSC have mention for MBA or any special subject just as biology lecturer or physics lecturer. The special paper consist of 80% subjective and 20% English.

The general post include some of famous organization such as custom department, Federal investigation Agency, Intelligence, FBR etc. These department mostly need people having graduation or master level education. This general exam consist of 20% English and 80% General Knowledge.

The 20% English does not consist of single type question. There is large variety. There fore it is somehow difficult for candidate to take passing marks in English. The English paper is mostly from the following section.

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Parts of speech
  • Punctuation
  • Preposition

It is necessary for candidate to take at least 12 marks out of 20 in English portion.

The rest 80% plays an important role in getting good marks. This is mostly from the following subjects.

  • General knowledge
  • Pakistan studies
  • General science
  • Computer
  • Mathematics
  • Islamiyat

To prepare the General knowledge, The below book is most recommended book for FPSC and PPSC Aspirants.




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