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Studying general knowledge for an exam can be both exciting and daunting, depending on the subject. However, with a few simple steps you can prepare properly to make sure you’re as prepared as possible.

The easiest way to prepare General knowledge for job test

Firstly, create a study plan that works best for you. Whether this is going through material in chronological order or focusing on particular topics, planning out the general knowledge that you need to learn for the exam can be a useful way of breaking it down into manageable chunks.

Secondly, use a variety of different resources in your studying. This could include textbooks, lecture notes, online courses and videos, or even podcasts. Incorporating multiple materials into your study

The exam for specific post has different section. The major portion of paper include general knowledge Mcqs. The general knowledge is very difficult to prepare. It is because there is no boundary for its syllabus. The examiner can ask a question in many ways. It is therefore necessary that should prepare the GK in a smart way. There are many techniques to prepare the GK. But most appropriate way to prepare GK is given below.

Key map to prepare GK for Test

  1. Try to arrange past papers and arrange their question in word file.
  2. Divide GK into different parts.
  3. Select the part which is major portion of that syllabus.
  4. Arrange all parts in ascending order.
  5. Take first part let say it may be history.
  6. Now check in every past paper that which types of Mcqs are repeated every year.
  7. Arrange these Mcqs and apply this technique to the remaining parts of the exam.
  8. Now arrange all these Mcqs in one file. Learn these Mcqs on daily basis.
  9. Again, consider the point 5 and learn those chapters of history which have major portion in the paper’s Mcqs.
  10. After learning these chapters, apply your knowledge to test your solving skills of these Mcqs.
  11. Apply this technique to all other remaining parts.
  12. Through this way, you can grip more than 80% of your GK portion. Learning current affairs can fill the remaining 20% of GK.

This technique is slow at staring but can help a lot in preparing general knowledge. You can secure maximum number. It will surely help a lot to defeat your competitor. You can become topper in the merit list.

To help the candidates some preparation material is added in the download section. Through learning this material, the candidate can secure very good marks.

This material is collected from different resources. This will help the candidate to make maximum marks in FPSC, PPSC and NTS etc.


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