Important General knowledge for All Exam PDF Download Free

In competitive Exams, general knowledge is important. all other technical exams, generally have some ratio in them. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare general knowledge before any exam.

General knowledge is a very broad topic. Therefore to prepare generally, it is necessary to follow old
Mcqs. These MCQs are almost from past papers. Some of Mcqs repeated in every exam.  we have collected all the important repeated Mcqs in one PDF file. The file cover almost every important MCQ.

The first chapter of Mcqs is on Qiud e azam Life.  The next chapter is related to Allam Iqbal’s life. The chapter also includes the political struggle of sir syed ahmed khan. Some important questions are also included about India and Pakistan’s history.

The history of the British tenure in the sub-continent is also included in these notes. The Mcqs 75 years after the Pakistan creation is also part of these notes.

There are Mcqs on the different institutions working in Pakistan. Multiple Choice Questions on Countries and their Capitals. There are questions about different games and sports activities held in the world. Almost 1500 Mcqs are included in this file.

It is better to read 100 Mcqs on a daily basis. so the candidate needs only 15 days to learn these MCQs. After that start your mock test on a daily basis and check your memory level. Along with this also keep revising these Mcqs.

There are many ways to check your knowledge. One is the way to use the online website of Mcqs. on these websites, you have the best opportunity to prepare for your exam quickly. No matter what, it will take time to memorize all the questions. but you need patience, once you got successful in memorizing these Mcqs, you can get very good marks in every competitive exam.

These Mcqs are very helpful in preparing one paper for 100 marks. These Mcqs are collected from all past papers of different organizations held through public service commissions and private testing agencies.

Once, the candidate excels in these Mcqs, he can get good marks in every coming exam. You can download this file from the link given below.


General knowledge PDF Free Download 








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