Download Free Online NTS Gat General Book Pdf

National Testing Service is a private testing agency. it takes exams for different purposes. NTS gives services to various government and non-government institutes. These services include hiring qualified staff for other organizations. NTS also participates in making admission services in different institutes.

NTS takes some regular exams throughout the year. NTS take one of the test Called the GAT General Test. NTS takes this test to make the candidates eligible for Master’s degree programs in different universities.

NTS GAT General Test consists of three parts. These parts include Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical reasoning. The total No of questions is 100. There is a total of 120 minutes to attempt the test. 

For the ease of students, we have uploaded a book that can help a lot of students with their NTS GAT preparation. To download this book, click on the Download button given below.

NTS GAT General Book PDF >>Download Now


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