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NTS test Preparation through 500 most important Mcqs:

How to apply for NTS test?

National Testing Service – Pakistan (NTS) is a Public Sector Company, which is Pakistan’s first and largest testing service. The NTS was established with an aim of enhancing and promoting the standards of educational and professional testing in Pakistan.

NTS designs and administers Tests to various Institutions and Organizations. These tests include:

  1. Admissions
  2. Scholarships
  3. Recruitment
  4. Promotions
  5. Assessment

NTS conducted test throughout the year in Pakistan. This test advertisement is advertised in different newspapers. The detail about advertisement always given on the website. National Testing Service has three main menus on their website. These are named as fallows.

  • Open Applications
  • List of candidates
  • All results

NTS Open Applications:

All new projects detail is given in this section. It further has two sub sections. That is open application and closed application. In open application section, candidates can apply on new projects. The projects whose application deadline is over are included in the closed application part.

The candidate who wants to apply on any desired post can apply through online portal system of NTS. The procedure is guided properly to the candidate for application submission. The candidate has to submit fee for the specific post through bank challan/mobile application system.

NTS List of candidates:

The selective list of candidates is shown in this section. The candidates whose application is not approved is listed in the rejected candidates list. The reason behind rejected application is mostly due to missing of documents or fee slips. NTS also tell the candidates through SMS service about their application status. The candidate can download their roll number slip though NTS application portal system.

The guidelines about test are given on this roll number slip. Candidate must have ID card and printed roll number slip at the test venue.

After the approved list of candidates, the test date is announced by NTS. The NTS conducted test mostly on Sunday. These tests are conducted on the specific test center organized by management of NTS.

NTS All results: The result of successful candidates is announced on the website and candidates are informed through SMS service.

These results are sent to the concerned authorities for further processing. The concerned organization has authority for final recommendation of candidates.

How to prepare NTS test?

Download 500 most important  NTS Mcqs: The candidates who apply for the specific post always have concerned about test preparation. NTS always give the detail about the test. To get knowledge about NTS test it is necessary that candidate must go through those given subjects.


For ease of candidates, we have prepared some material for preparation of NTS test. These are question which are repeated in almost every NTS test. The candidate can download the file from below download button. This will help a lot to achieve good marks in NTS test. The file is compromise of multiple-choice question and simple question answer. The candidates who want to achieve good marks in NTS must go through these NTS test preparation material.


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