10 Simple steps to win the fully funded scholarships in Canada

I will help the new students who are interested to avail of the Canada full bright scholarship. To answers some of the basic questions many people ask regarding where to start and how.

1- The first question is who is Eligible for a Scholarship?

Everyone with a CGPA of 3.3/4 is eligible for scholarships. The IELTS score should be 6.5. But this is the minimum criteria.

2- Is there any chance to get a scholarship without IELTS?

Yes, there are rare chances to avail of a Canada scholarship without IELTS. You can email potential supervisors for supervision without IELTS. Still, there is a problem in that for a visa you cannot apply without IELTS.

3- How Can I check scholarship dates that are open?

There is no well-known procedure to check the scholarships. Canada’s Scholarship is highly competitive and tough. It is common that students with the highest grades to be offered scholarships. Supervisors are the only authority to hire talented students.

4- What will be the source that scholarships have announced?

Canada has 3 intakes for student admission. This includes Summer, May, and January. The major intake is in September as most of the universities offered courses only in this season. The closing dates to apply for fall intake are December & January. If someone wanted to apply, he/she should consider it for fall 2024.

5- What is the complete procedure to apply for scholarships?

It is already stated that it totally depends only on the supervisor and the university’s funding budget. You need to find potential supervisors first. After that, you have to send them emails with a CV, Transcript, IELTS (if applicable), and Research Proposal.

6- How to connect with a supervisor?

First of all, prepare an Excel file and start searching each and every website that offered a Master’s program in a thesis or Ph.D. and shortlist faculty who align with your research interest collect their emails as much as you can. Do more than 2-3 professors of the same university.

7- how to find the universities?

There are lots of websites available on Google which have a full list of universities. Your job is to explore each and every university.

8- what to do after the above steps?

Write a formal email with your short introduction, your research intent, and your overall goal, and align your research interest with your supervisors. Just Do Not rely on simply copy-paste. You can take help from this group regarding how to write emails.

9- What to do further to have a maximum chance of availing of scholarships?

It depends on you. No one can actually help you. You need to search and find a supervisor on your own. write emails by yourself and if you have already email written you can share and ask for help.

10- Let’s assume I get a scholarship, do I need to pay GIC 10k cad (Block Account)?

In maximum cases, you need to pay. But in some scholarships, you will have a stipend as well Like the University of Saskatchewan. In this case, you may not need to pay GIC 10k cad (Block Account). The truth is that it varies from case to case.

You can ask questions in the comments. You can also share your experience in the comments. Thank you all for reading and sharing this post.

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